Sleeping on the Job

Yesterday was a big day for The Pintoon – We launched the first boat on Pewaukee Lake!

The boat’s name is Wah Gwaan, which translates to “What’s up?” in Jamaican. The name was chosen by our owner, Dan Schlax, to set the tone of our boat cruises – casual, friendly and an overall good time!

Our mascot, Mack, joined the Wah Gwaan on its maiden voyage on Pewaukee Lake. It was a little chilly for this Alabama rescue pup, so he guilt tripped Dan into sharing his jacket.

Once all nice and cozy and with the help of the wavy Pewaukee Lake, Mack immediately took a snooze. It was his first day on the job!

Expect to see Mack and Dan’s dance moves on Wah Gwaan all season long! Read more about Mack and the rest of The Pintoon team here, and please don’t forget to book your first cruise on Wah Gwaan!

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